Comparison of human and ape


chromosome number4648
SchдdelHinterhauptsloch (interface between the spinal cord and the brain) is in the center of the skullThe occipital hole is located in the posterior region, the back much closer than the center of the head
brain volumeabout 1300 cmіabout 400-500 cmі depending on the kind
dentureParabolic arrangement of the dentition. Back-formed incisorsU-shaped arrangement of teeth. Ape monkeys have large incisors. In order to be able to close the mouth anyway, there is a tooth-free space in the upper jaw (monkey gap)
HдndeFive fingers each. With the thumb and forefinger a precision grip is possible, which allows fine motor workFive fingers each. Precision grip is not possible because the thumb is not freely movable
KцrperbauLong and thin. Legs are longer than the armsSmall and sturdy, stocky body. Arms are longer than the legs
poolWide pelvis (necessary because the high brain volume in infants has to fit through the birth canalNarrow basin
WirbelsдuleDouble S-shaped curvatureStraight spine